Video project – Dreamworkers

This video is our group’s final project. First of all, I want to say thank you for our members for contributing this wonderful video ;)Also I hope other student  could enjoy our film.

The main theme of our video is the parody the ‘mannequin challenge’. We acted like a real mannequin in the clips.

The whole process were so much fun.

VP2 – rough material 3

The film was taken in the first floor of the building.

We directed the the clip to show the daily lives of students in the first floor.

In the first floor, some people drink beverages or water, looking into their bags or heading to the class.

I was acting as a student who is drinking the beverage from the vending machine.


VP2 – rough material 2

At the end of the video, we planned to put the clip of our happiness.

Through this video making, we were so happy and had fun .

Therefore, we decided to take the video of ourselves watching the shooted clips.

I took the film and other members acted.

VP2 – rough material 1

In VP2, we planned to make a video of ‘mannequin challenge’!

Briefly, people in the video have to stop moving like a mannequin

If at least one person fails to stop, the video has to be recorded from the start.

The video was taken in the stairs of the building and I took it.

The members are acting like a mannequin and they are soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/11 I really hate exam period


Little cute minion~He wore a Santa clothes~


I went to eat dinner with my friend and there was so pretty lights on the ceiling



Inside the restaurant



Salmon salad! I really like salmon haha



Studying is the most boring thing in the world

I really hate studying


In front of the lion sculpture in the campus

It was beautiful ….

12/6 Hapjeong

I really like sashime

Especially I like salmon the most!

Last Tuesday, after class I went to Hapjeong with friends to eat salmon

kakaotalk_20161212_211108884 kakaotalk_20161212_211109102


There were many kinds of sashime

We could also eat deep-fried shrimp

It was really delicious and I’d like to recommend it to many people

Next, we went to cocktail bar


It was about 3 minutes walk from sashime


It is already Christmas day soon….!


I drank Peach Crush

It was really delicious ^*^

161203 Second Gwanghwamun


This is the photo of Seodaemun station.

So many people were attending the ally


My mother and I sat in front of the monitor

kakaotalk_20161204_131530813My candle

I put the sticker on the paper cup


the event

Candle surfing

It was really beautiful….